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Andrew D. Kehr

Hello, my name is Andrew Kehr and I am currently in my second year of PhD studies in Biology at Carnegie Mellon University and just recently passed my qualification exams to officially enter the program and join the Macbeth lab. I have a background in biochemistry, which along with my background in computer science and wiki style editing, made me interested in contributing to this organization.

Things to work on

  1. Clean this place up
  2. Add protocols
  3. more later


Research interests

  • Mechanistic Enzymology
  • Structural Biology



  • "Structural Studies of hADAR2 and its dsRNA Substrate", Center for Nucleic Acid Science and Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, 2010
  • "Exploring the Degradation, Deglycosylation, and Analysis of Glycoproteins Found in Ascites via Mass Spectrometry. Structure and Function of Proteins.", University of South Alabama, 2008
  • "Enantioselective Synthesis of Diols via Microbial Oxidation of Aromatic Compounds.", DePauw University, 2006

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