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Lab 3 - M.O.I. (Statistical Analysis)


  • Problem: What is the mode of inheritance of the mutant gene sepia?
  • Information:

The results from lab 2 suggest the MOI of sepia is Autosomal Recessive.

According to Mendel's laws, the F1 offspring in lab 2 are all Heterozygous. Mendel's laws state that we can predict F2 offspring since we know all F1 offspring are Heterozygous.

  • Hypothesis: Based on the results of Lab 2, the mode of inheritance of the sepia mutation is Autosomal Recessive.
  • Experimental Design: To confirm the MOI supported by Lab2, we will analyze the F2 offspring of inbred F1 flies. Because F1 are heterozygous, we can predict results. If the results of the experiment match the prediction, then the hypothesis will be supported. We will use Statistical Analysis to determine "how well" the data matches. 6.25 or less is an acceptable fit.

Vial 1
P1 HH male hh female
F1 Hh male Hh female

Vial 2
P1 hh male HH female
F1 Hh male Hh female

P1 = Parent generation. F1 = First offspring generation

Expected Results

F2 H h
H HH hh
h Hh hh

  • 3/4 Wild male
  • 1/4 sepia male
  • 3/4 wild female
  • 1/4 sepia female

  • Observations: larva and pupa are visible in both vials.