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Lab 2

10/17 -

  • Observation:

Tons of larvae in each reciprocal cross vial. Seems like there are about 3X as many in vial 2 (sepia females) than in the wild female vial.

Experimental Protocol

  • 1. Make 2 new culture vials.
  • 2. Label one Male wild X Female sepia, and the other Female wild X Male sepia.
Vial 1 is Male Wild X Female Sepia
Vial 2 is Male Sepia X Female Wild
  • 3. Transfer 8 virgin wild females flies to vial 2. Transfer 8 virgin female sepia flies to vial 1.
  • 4.Anesthetize and sort out 8 male wild flies and 8 male sepia flies.
  • 5. Place the male wilds in vial 1. Place the male sepia in vial 2.
  • 6.Store in incubator at 75 Degrees °F.
  • 7.Record progress.
  • 8.When pupa form, release adults. (old adults)
  • 9. When more than 50 flies hatch, use flynap, and sort them.
  • 10. Find MOI (mode of inheritance)