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Lab 1

10/05/07 - Friday

Two adults in the wild vial. One adult in the sepia. (page 8)

Conclusion - Lab 1

My prediction was that the life cycles of both wild-type and and sepia [mutant] fruit flies are about the same.

The results which are represented in the graph on page 8, show that all of the stages involved in the life cycle of fruit flies are about the same for each wild and sepia varieties.

On September 25th we observed larvae in both the wild and sepia culture vials. We observed about equal amounts of both eggs and larvae in each culture vial. However the sepia larvae seemed larger. On September 27th the wild larva seemed bigger. On October 1st we released the parent flies go as we observed larvae in both vials starting to pupate. On October 3rd, most larvae were pupa. On October 5th our first adults had emerged. Two in the wild culture, and 1 in the sepia culture.

One aspect of the design that was flawed was that we assumed that the cultures had been prepared without mistakes. To fix this problem, i would propose that two cultures of each type be prepared, just to be sure the results were accurate.

An interesting side question would be:

"would the life cycles be different with different food"?

(page 9)