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Garden Notes 2012


Squash seedlings for Hopi Black, Hopi White, and Wild Pueblo are just emerging today. Hope to plant them outside soon. Some seeds have already been sown outside. I hope they germinate soon as well.

Peas are starting to emerge. Most are only an inch tall. Some are 3" tall. The dwarf varieties are very compact, only a few cm tall.

Several sunflowers are emerging. Ironically, not the ones i planted. Perhaps planted by the birds.

I am excited about Hopi Black squash. It is reported to have superior flavor, and it is also exciting to connect with a lost part of my herritage. All the Hopi squash varieties are reported to do well in Colorado. I also look forward to growing Wild Pueblo squash this year as well. It is from southeast Utah, and is reported to be found in the wilderness near an old Indian ruin. I hope this squash has excellent desert genetics, and i also look forward to intentionally crossing it with Hopi Black, If it produces something good in the F2 generation then perhaps i will only grow the new cross in the future. Not sure what i would call this new squash. Perhaps 'Colorado Indian'? Maybe not. Not sure.

I am trialing over 18+ varieites of peas this year. Many of them with rare traits. These include:

  • Golden Podded
  • Opal Creek - 1st yellow-podded snap pea. Bred by Alan Kapuler of Oregon.
  • Sugar Magnolia - 1st purple-podded snap pea. Also bred by Alan Kapuler.
  • Salmon-flowered - very old 16th century pea. Very Interesting.
  • Mummy-Pea - another umbellatum type
  • Mummy White - another umbellatum type
  • Biskopens - rare red-seeded pea, Sweeden.
  • Purple Passion - rare purple-seeded pea.
  • Parsley Pea - very unusual recessive traits.
  • Tom Thumb/Mighty Midget/Purple Dwarf Pea (Dwarf Peas)
  • Bijou - Sugar pea (large pods), Carouby De Mausanne (large pods)
  • red-stem
  • Honey Pod
  • Virescens Mutante, Kleinbluetige Mutante, Spaeth's Hohenheimer rasa blaettrig futter
  • Ivy
  • Nordost Fruhe Grune
  • Midnight Snow - Purple-podded snow pea. Dan Quickert from California.
  • Magnolia Blossom - green snap - Alan Kapuler.
  • Amish Snap
  • Canoe/Markana - 12 peas/pod.
  • etc...

Tomato Seedlings look to be doing well. Hopefully they will survive. Perhaps i will finally learn to grow them from seed.

Planted seeds for Red Centerflor - 100 flowered tomatoes (Alan Kapuler), Yellow Centerflor, P20 Blue (now "Indigo Rose"" - Blue tomato.

I hope the beans and watermelons come up soon. My (proto)landrace of watermelons has been planted. My custom mix of beans has also been planted. My four-corners bean mix includes: Zuni Gold, Rio Zape, New Mexico Black Appaloosa, New Mexico Red Appaloosa, Anasazi.