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  • Wed, Nov 3rd

I noticed that pale-white coloring on larva. I noticed it from the beginning [of my cultures]. I wonder if it's a sign of malnutrition. They seem to get sluggish when they are like that, and don't eat as much. Hmm...

Maybe I should change the food and add cornflour. Instead of 1/10 yeast, put 1/10 cornmeal. Add 10-20 yeast after making food for each vial...


  • After learning more about fungi, and a lot of other things... I think that the malformations were caused by mold problems all along, and not malnutrition or sodium silicate poisoning. I think the white coloring was mold mycelium. It really seems to have affected them more than the dark sporilating mold. Wow, good insecticide i guess. After observing bubbling and CO2 (fermentation) in the Anthocyanin water jar.. I think the mold came from contaminated Anthocyanin water.