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  • A new set of 6 samples were made in the laboratory. The samples now contained varying amounts of citric acid instead of protein. The gold (Au) and film amounts remained the same as previous samples.
  • The samples contained amounts of citric acid (MW: 210.14) respectively as:

16 μL, 8 μL, 4 μL, 2 μL, 1 μL, 0.5 μL.

  • The samples all contained 250 μL Au and 0.25 g of Film.
  • A noted observation made from previous samples was that two samples made on October 28, 2015 had formed a white sort of solid on the film samples. The reason behind this formation is unclear.
  • All other samples made previously have a strongly tinted purple film. The film is originally yellow but then proceeds to turn into a medium to dark purple color with the addition of protein, gold, water, etc.