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  • In today's laboratory the two samples of 30g Cellulose baked film and 15 mL H2O were altered. All the H2O was extracted with the help of a pipette but the film remained in the samples. Gold (Au) and protein were added.
  • Gold (Au): 0. 25 mM (0.207 mL)
  • Protein: 5.556 μM (0.170 μL)
  • Four samples with baked film in each were modified by adding only Gold (Au).
  • Gold (Au): 0.25 mM (0.207 mL)
  • Molds with cellulose and citric acid at 15g were dry and put into foil and placed in an oven at 80°C over night.
  • Various photos of all the samples were taken by the student. This was done to note the color changes of each as the sample film turns purple.
  • New mold were made and left to dry until the following week. 4 molds were made with the last measurements of cellulose and decreased citric acid by half. Another set of 4 molds were made with the same cellulose measurements and decreased citric acid by another half of the set before. A total of 8 new molds were made and left to dry a week.
  • 4 New samples (2 mL total) of baked film were made with the following:
  • Baked film
  • H2O
  • Gold (Au): 0. 25 mM (0.207 mL)