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Changing Chemical Properties of a Substrate

  • Today's laboratory research/project involved changing the chemical properties of a substrate. Assistant Professor Matthew Hartings supervised the laboratory and helped in various steps such as measuring, collecting materials and basic guidance.
  • An aqueous solution of 5% w/w modified cellulose and 5% w/w citric acid were poured into a mold and allowed to dry. The dried samples will be heated to 80°C to crosslink in the following week.

(1) The aqueous solutions were measured and separated into separate containers. The Carboxymethyl Cellulose with a molecular weight of 25000 was placed into a container with continents of 5 g CMC and 95 g H2O (Lot:A0328062). The Citric Acid Monohydrate with a molecular weight of 210.14 was also placed into another container with continents of 5 g C6H10O8 and 95 g H2O (Lot:2555C015). (2) The modified cellulose aqueous solution was placed into a Sonicator water bath for 60 minutes at 50°C. Every 8-10 minutes the modified cellulose container was removed from the Sonicator and roughly shaken due to the increasing viscosity of the cellulose. (3) Both the citric acid and modified cellulose were then measured out into four separate molds with even proportions of 10g, 20g, 30g and 40g. The molds were left under the fume hood of the laboratory room left to dry uncovered for a week.