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What I did today

  • We came into the lab and we copied and paste the Schade data into the new excel worksheet. The numbers in the data represent the ratio between red and green spots in the microarrays.
  • In the new worksheet we transferred and the data and organized it in a way that we would understand it.

1) We renamed each chip. Their name is, t for time, the time it was looked at and the sample number. (An example would look like t0-1 meaning, it is the first sample for time at t=0).

2) We deleted the raw and control columns leaving only the normalized. We also kept the ID's for the genes that were in the original data set.

  • When looking at the data we noticed that the number of samples for each time were different. For time at 10 minutes there is an extra sample. Also, we do not know which samples are paired with each when they were dye swapped.