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To Do

  • Run Antibody-Alexa 532 Samples
  • Run AuNp@SiO2/DNA_MB Samples

FCS Curves Antibody-Alexa 532

10nM Antibody-Alexa 532 pic.png

1nM Antibody-Alexa 532 pic.png

100pM Antibody-Alexa 532 pic.png

10pM Antibody-Alexa 532 pic2.png

1pM Antibody-Alexa 532 pic.png

Attaching MB to Au@SiO2-DNA

1) Add 13.3 uL 7.61uM MB to 100uL Au@SiO2-DNA

2) Hybridize by heating for 20 min @ 75C

3) Slowly cool to room temperature.

4) Prepare 5X, 10X, and 100X dilutions in PBS

5) Run FCS Measurements on each. If signal is seen with the least concentrated solution, prepare 1000X and 10,000X dilutions as well.

FCS Curves Au@SiO2-DNA-MB






Next Up

-Run Au/DNA-MB without silica coating

-Run Au@Si/DNA-ThT

-Calculate concentrations of gold, DNA, and Beacon