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To Do

  • Hybridize Au@SiO2/DNA with MB
  • Observe Bulk fluorescence
  • If fluorescence is exhibited, run FCS measurements on dilutions

Addition of MB

[DNA] = 0.910μM, so [MB] must be at least in 1:1 ratio

[MB] original = 7.61uM

1) Add 20uL 7.61uM MB to 150uL Au/SiO2/DNA solution

[MB] = 0.895uM

[DNA] = 0.802

  • MB in slight excess

2) Heat sample for ~20 minutes to stimulate hybridization

3) Cool to room temperature on hot plate

4) Observe absorbance and fluorescence (absorbance peak should be ~532nm)

Fluorescence Spectrum of MB

[Insert Fluor spec]

The Au@SiO@/DNA-MB complex showed an intensity of 80 (relative intensity 0.08) when excited at 532 nm.

FCS Measurements

FCS Measurements were taken of 10X dilute, 50X diluted, and 100X diluted Au@SiO2/DNA-MB samples. No correlation curve was present.