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%DNA hybridized on AuNP from 7/16

Calculating the surface area of 1 AuNP

Surface Area of a sphere = 4πr2, r = 5nm

4π(5x10-9m)2 = 3.14 x 10-16m2 = 314nm2

Calculating the # of AuNP in 144.4uL 29.67nM solution

29.67 x 10-9mol/L x 144.4x10-6L x 6.02x1023 AuNP/mol = 2.579x1012 AuNP

Calculating the Total Surface Area Available for DNA Attachment

2.579x1012AuNP x 3.14x10-16m2/1 AuNP = 0.00081 m2

Calculating the Number of Moles of DNA Available to Attach

2.225x10-6moles/L x 144.4x10-6L = 3.2129x10-10 moles

Calculating oligonucleotide density on each particle (theoretical)

3.2129x10-10 moles/0.00081 m2 AuNP = 3.967x10-7 moles DNA/m2 AuNP (OR 39.67pmol DNA/cm2 AuNP)

Calculating oligonucleotide density on each particle (actual)

moles DNA = (1.16872x10-7M x 300 x 10-6L) = 3.51x10-11 moles

3.51x10-11 moles/0.00081 m2 AuNP = 4.33x10-8moles DNA/m2AuNP

Calculating the percentage of DNA hybridized in each sample

4.33x10-8moles DNA/m2AuNP/3.967x10-7 moles DNA/m2 AuNP = 10.9%