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MB+DNA Sample Preparation

Prepare the following samples for FCS Measurements:

1) 100nM thiol-DNA + 120nM MB

2) 1nM DNA + 1.2nM MB

3) 500pM DNA + 600pM MB

4) 100pM DNA + 120pM MB

5) 120nM MB

6) 1.2nM MB

7) 600pM MB

8) 120pM MB


DNA: (100μL)(200nM)= x(53.1μM)

x= 0.377μL in 99.623μL PBS

MB: (100μL)(240nM) = x(7.61μM)

x= 3.154μL in 96.846μL PBS

1) 15μL 200nM DNA + 15μL 120nM MB

2) (2.4nm)(30μL) = x(240nM)

x= 0.3μL 240nM MB in 29.7μL PBS

(2nM)(30μL) = x(200nM)

x= 0.3μL 200nM DNA in 29.7μL PBS

15μL 2.4nM MB + 15μL 2nM DNA

3) (1000pM)(30μL)= x (2nM)

x= 15μL 2nM DNA in 15μL PBS

(1200pM)(30μL)= x(2.4nmM)

x= 15μL 2.4nM MB in 15μL PBS

15μL 1000pM DNA + 15μL 1200pM MB

4) (200pM)(30μL) = x(1000pM)

x= 6μL 1000pM DNA in 24μL PBS

(240pM)(30μL) = x(1200pM)

x= 6μL 1200pM DNA in 24μL PBS

15μL 200pM DNA + 15μL 240pM MB