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  • Take absorbance and fluorescence measurements of AuNP/thiol DNA/MB mixture from 5/29/2013
  • Synthesize MB/DNA mmixture in same concentrations as the mixture containing the AuNP.
  • Observe fluorescence intensity changes (if any) that occur when the AuNP is not present


Part 1: Preparing thiol-DNA and MB

1) Prepare 727.5nM thiol DNA

(2910nM) (x) = (727.5nM)(100μL)

x = 25μL in 75μL PBS

2) Prepare 1.268μM MB

(7.61μM)(20μL) = x(120)

x = 1.286μM

Dilute 20μL MB in 100μL DNA to obtain a concentration of 1.286μM

3) Heat @ ~75°C for 25 minutes


concentration of DNA= 677.157nM

Absorbance image 05302013.png