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Prepare samples with 5μM ZnPPIX and varying concentrations of 4-strand and 8-strand telomeric DNA

Remake 2.0μM and 2.5μM 4-strand DNA and 2.5μM 8-strand DNA to be mixed with 3.5μM ThT (these need to be remade as they were outliers in our previous fluorescence measurements from 02/12/2013


1) Prepare the following concentrations of DNA using calculations from 02/05/2013. Use tris-HCL buffer to dilute.

  • 3.5μM, 3.0μM, 2.5μM, 2.0μM, 1.5μM 4-strand telomeric DNA
  • 3.5μM, 3.0μM, 2.5μM, 2.0μM, 1.5μM 8-strand telomeric DNA

2) Mix each of the DNA samples with 250μL 5μM ZnPPIX

3) Also prepare an extra set of 2.0μM and 2.5μM 4-strand telomerics DNA and 2.5μM 8-strand DNA

4) Mix those DNA samples with 250μL 3.5μM ThT

5) Heat all samples (total of 13) above 70°C to hybridize for 25 minutes

6) Obtain UV-Vis and Fluorescence Spectra of all samples