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Tasks for March 18

  • To prepare zinc samples for adhesive strength test
  • To make new films with amine JA-230
  • To carry out a further thermal conductivity test (Tami)
  • New antibacterial trial (Andrew)

Preparation of epoxy films with JA-230

New films were prepared containing an alternative amine

  1. Epoxy/10 % TiO2 film
    • 0.86671 g of TiO2 were weighed out
    • 2.14498 g of JA-230
    • 6.58167 g of epoxy
  2. Epoxy film
    • 2.16062 g of JA-230 were weighed out
    • 6.64996 g of epoxy

The samples were stirred using an electromagnetic stirrer, then put on a hot plate at 60°C to store for a further 15 min and then poured into an aluminum dish to sit overnight before curing.

Preparation of new samples for adhesive strength test

A new adhesive test is to be carried out using zinc ring nails. Because of previous variations with amount of weight required to detach the nails from the metal plate, more trials will be done per epoxy type.

  • For Friday's experiment 4 nails cured with epoxy alone will be tested. A further two nails are to be cured together and tested using PASCO materials testing.

The epoxy mixture used to glue the nails contained epoxy and JA-400 in the following quantities:

  • 3.03317 g of JA-230-400
  • 5.77076 g of epoxy

Same procedure as with films was followed to mix the chemicals. (Stirred in electromagnetic stirrer, placed on hot plate at 60°C for 15 min)