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Tasks for Friday 6 March

  • To carry out new thermal test (Tami)
  • To carry out adhesive test
  • To set up new antibacterial experiment (Andrew)
  • To cure new films made with JA-230

Adhesive test

Steel nails were cured onto a thin metal plate on March 4.

  • Two of the nails were cured with epoxy
  • The other two nails were coated with the epoxy and 10% TiO2 mixture and cured onto the metal plate.

A weight test was carried in order to calculate adhesive strength of the materials. <br.> Results:

  • The two epoxy TiO2 samples became detached from the metal plate in less than 5 seconds with a weight of 5 lb.
  • The first nail glued to the plate by just epoxy supported a weight of 5 lb for 2 min, followed by 8 lb for 2 min. It broke after applying a weight of 10 lb.
  • The second sample of epoxy alone did not produce the same results. It broke when it was subjected to 5 lb. weight in less than 5 seconds.

We would like to repeat this adhesive strength test for zinc nails and steel nails, again. The thickness of the layer cured in between the nails and the plate could have played a major role in the inconsistent results. A further factor is the filing of the nail heads, some of them were smoother and had a more circular shape than others. <br.>

Additionally, a further factor is torque. Tamanika Tinsley mentioned how it might be important to control the point at which the weight is attached. This will be better monitored in the next trial.

Thermal conductivity study

  • Tamanika Tinsley carried out this experiment by measuring the temperature increase of an empty aluminium dish over time as it was placed on a heating plate set at 120°C. The water was first added at room temperature.

A copy of Tamanika's results is as follows:

Repeat blank.jpg