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Tasks for March 4

  • To cure new samples for adhesive strength test
  • To make new films with amine JA-230 instead of JA-400
  • To carry out thermal test (Tami)

Preparation of new films

A new set of films was prepared using a different amine, JA-230.

  • The epoxy/10% TiO2 film was made using the following quantities:
    • 0.86564 g of TiO2
    • 2.26 g of JA-230
    • 6.62575 g of epoxy
  • The epoxy film was made using the following quantities:
    • 2.15482 g of JA-230
    • 6.69176 g of epoxy

Both containers were vortexed, and stirred continuously at a temperature of 65°C for 15 min before being set to rest overnight.

Preparation of samples for adhesive test

  • Due to the observations made during the first weight test on February 27, new samples were prepared using steel and zinc nails. The steel plates were long ring nails to apply more torque.
  • The nails had to be filed to remove lettering at the head of the nail and to smooth their surface to maximise the adhesion of the epoxy mixture. The nails were first filed and then they were further smoothed out using a diamond solution (1/10 μm).
  • For the first trial, only steel nails were used. A small quantity of epoxy and epoxy/10% TiO2 was applied to each nail head (4 nails in total, 2 tests epoxy, 2 tests epoxy/TiO2. Any excess epoxy mixture was wiped away and the nails/plate ensemble was cured in the oven for 4 h. First two hours at 69°C, and the remaining 2h at 120°C.

Adh test setup.png

Thermal conductivity test of film made with epoxy/10% TiO2

  • Tamanika performed this experiment. The results may be found on her notebook.