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Tasks for February 20

  • Bacteria studies
  • To prepare t-plates for adhesive strength test

Bacteria studies

Want to test whether TiO2 content in films has any effect on bacteria populations in the dark and whether it inhibits their growth.

  • Prepare Agar Plates
  • Prepare Saline Solution

Bacterial Inactivation Evaluation in the Dark

  • The tubes containing the bacteria and broth were cloudy, confirming the growth of the bacteria
  • Clean a TiO2/Epoxy film and an Epoxy film with ethanol to kill all bacteria
  • Wash the TiO2/Epoxy film a few times to clean any TiO2 from the surface
  • Clean lab tweezers with ethanol as well.
  • Prepare two petri dishes for the films
  • Make sure the film are dried out of the ethanol before placing them in the petri dish
  • Vortex the broth/bacteria tubes
  • Pipette 600 micro liter of the bacteria/broth solution onto the film
  • Try to even out the surface as much as you can
  • Cover the petri dish so no evaporation occurs
  • Place in drawer

Recipe for Agar Plates

  • Add 3g of tryptone, 1.5 g of yeast, 3 g of NaCl, and 4.5 g of Agar to 300 mL of water
  • Autoclave

Saline Solution Recipe

  • 12.5 g of NaCl in 500 mL of water
  • Autoclave

Preparation of metal t-plates for adhesive strength test

  • a smaller batch was made given the size of the t-plates (Half the usual amount)
  • After mixing, the liquid coating was spread onto the bottom piece of metal and covered with the top piece of metal
  • Metal pieces were left to stand until next class to be cured.