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Tasks for February 4th

  • To create a new synthesis of epoxy-TiO2
  • Start new coating synthesis, without TiO2


Using amine to epoxy ratio of 1:1 in equivalent weights (equivalent weight of epoxy 188-192g/mol, Jeffamine D-400 Amine 104 g/mol);

    1. 3.0559 of JD-400 (amine) were measured out
    2. Added 5.5633 g of epoxy
    3. Added 0.8473 g of TiO2 (To make it 10% of the combined weight of epoxy and amine)
    4. Let stir for 15 minutes at a temperature of 60°C
    5. Transported the mixture into an aluminum dish.
    6. Allowed to sit overnight as a way to degas the epoxy mixture.

Note: the first two epoxy/TiO2 trials were heated to 85°C for 5 min and allowed to cool down to 50°C for the next 10 min. These temperatures were arbitrary, however, after DSC analysis it was determined that curing begins to occur at ~60°C and attains a maximum efficiency of curing at 118.5°C.

DSC data for Epoxy/TiO2