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Tasks for November 14

  • To measure time-specific MG dye absorbance by activated carbon

Measurement of MG absorbance by activated carbon

  • To add 10 mL of 23.3 ppm MG dye to previously prepared scintillation vials containing approximately 0.01 g of activated carbon.
  • As soon as you add the MG dye start the timer, and stir homogeneously.
  • Stop timer 2 seconds after starting filtration (which takes 4 s in total)
  • Take UV-Vis measurements of the filtrate in the range 200-400 nm.


MGconc inactivatedcarbon.png <br.>

G carbon 221114.png<br.>

Elovich plot for adsorption of MG onto activated carbon<br.> Elovich 211114.png