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Tasks for October 15

  • New film synthesis of PVA and 10% PVA-Clay films
  • To complete preparation of ionic modified clays
  • To evaluate R6G stock concentration and update all data

New film synthesis

  • 1.0084 g of 22,000 MW PVA and 0.1105 g of NaMT were hydrated with 7 mL of distilled water
  • 1.0020 g of 22,000 MW PVA were hydrated with 7 mL distilled water
  • Heated at approx. 80ºC under gentle stirring until all crystals were dissolved
  • Cooled to room temperature
  • Added 0.5 mL 0.8% wt glutaraldehyde
  • Stirred for 3 min to ensure homogeneity
  • Poured into teflon dish

Completion of ionic modified clays

  • Completed synthesis from Oct. 3

Determination of R6G stock solution concentration

  • Note that this is the solution that was mislabeled as 159 μM
  • Diluted by a factor of 4000 to get a suitable fluorescence spectrum.
    • Total area under curve = 17480.50
  • Using calibration curve obtained on Oct.1:

R6G calibration 1001.png <br.>

    • Concentration of R6G stock = 1.9 mM