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Tasks for 17 September

  • To run UV-Vis measurements of MG left in solution (not absorbed by PVA polymer film).
  • To finish synthesis of 10 % PVA-exfoliated clay
  • To finish preparation of ionic liquid modified clays
  • To run pXRD

UV-Vis analysis of MG leftover solutions

  • Dilutions of some of the MG solutions were made in order to be able to use the spectrometer
    • Diluted 200 ppm 100 times by adding 100μL to a 10 mL volumetric flask. This was done for the polymer film-containing solutions.
  • Also diluted 80 ppm 50 times by adding 200μL to a 10 mL volumetric flask.
  • Diluted 200 ppm and 80 ppm MG 100 and 50 times respectively. Then ran UV Vis measurements to measure absorbance of MG dye coated onto vial glass.

Completing synthesis of 10% PVA-exfoliated clay

Continued from Sept. 12

  • Placed in sodium sulfate solution, followed by 1% HCl solution and finally in Sodium Bicarbonate

Completing preparation of ionic liquid modified clay

Continued from Sept.10

  1. Centrifuge: 4000 rpm, 30 min, 4°C
    • Solution starting weight: 27.45 g
    • Collect supernatant first time
    • Wash with H2O
    • Wash with EtOH
    • Wash with H2O
    • Wash with EtOH
  2. Dry in oven at 90C overnight

pXRD Measurements

  • Sample prepped on Sept. 12, to be analysed on Sept. 19.
    1. Hartings- NaMT
    2. Madeleine and Alicia- 8 ppm
    3. James's group- 2 ppm
    4. James's group- PVA
    5. Eleni's group- 80 ppm
    6. Andrew's group- 200 ppm
  • Instrument parameters on Dr Hartings OWW