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Tasks for September 12 2014

To start preparing new films using exfoliated clay. <br.> Perform XRD measurement (Postponed until Sept. 17). <br.> Continue analysis of DSC and UVVis.<br.> To make new stock solutions of malachite green dye

Preparation of 10% PVA-exfoliated clay

Refer to Dr. Harting's Notebook for full details on the procedure

  • 2.7613 g of the 4% sodium montmorillonite were added to 1.0040 g of Polyvinyl Alcohol to make up a 10% PVA-exfoliated clay film
    • The calculations were as follows: 0.04[NaMT]=0.11
    • x= 2.75
  • 7 mL of water were added and the solution was heated to 75ºC with constant stirring
  • Solution was left to cool down to room temperature
  • Added 0.5 mL of 0.8 wt% glutaraldehyde.
  • Stirred for an additional 3 minutes to ensure homogeneity
  • Poured solution into a teflon dish to dry until the next class

Preparation of new malachite green solutions

  • A new 200 ppm MG solution was made by adding 40 mg of malachite green and making up to the mark with distilled water in a 200 mL volumetric flask.
    • (200 mg MG/1L)×0.2 L = 40 mg MG
  • 80 ppm made by Eleni's group
  • 8 ppm made by Andrew's group
  • 2 ppm made by James' group

Second measurement of MG dye absorbed into PVA polymer films

Redid measurements due to anomalies and discrepancies across group results.

  • Note: PVA polymer was blotted dry with a KimWipe before adding to glass vial and weighing.
Measurements to calculate mg MG absorbed per mg film
Empty glass vial (g) Glass vial + film (g) Film weight (g)
200 ppm 13.1537 13.2537 0.1000
80 ppm 13.0332 13.1408 0.1076
8 ppm 13.0325 13.1298 0.0973
2 ppm 13.0783 13.1843 0.1060

10 mL of the corresponding MG solutions were added to each vial.

Measuring MG coated onto glass vials

Added 10 mL of 80 and 200 ppm into two different empty and clean vials. <br.> UV-Vis is to be done on these vials during the next class to determine the amount of MG that becomes coated on the glass

  • Other groups: