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  • To synthesize polymer and polymer-clay films

August 27, 2014


From Dr Hartings notebook

  • Polyvinyl Alcohol
    • Average Molecular Weight: 22,000 g/mol
    • Manufacturer - MP Biomedicals, LLC
      • Catalogue Number - 151938
      • Lot Number - 2695J
  • Sodium Montmorillonite
    • Manufacturer - Southern Clay Products, Inc
      • Alternate name - (Cloisite Na+)
      • Lot Number - 11F14GBX-003
      • G Number - 24005


Procedure detailed by Dr Hartings

In making the polymer-clay film 1.0089g of PVA and 0.1098g of sodium montmorillonite were used. The polymer film was made using 1.002 g of PVA