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Tasks for February 4

  • Polymerization of aniline
  • Preparation of new colloid AuLys NPs and fibers


  • Adapted from "Sustainable approaches for Polyaniline and Polypyrrole Synthesis"

The experiment is to be performed in a 250 mL round bottom flask by adding 0.511 mL of aniline, followed by 91 mL of distilled water, 3 mL of 1 M HCl and 5.37 mL of H2O2. 21 mL of gold-lysozyme catalyst was added and the round bottom flask was capped with a septum cover. The experiment was ran under nitrogen atmosphere for 24h and stirred at room temperature.<br.>

The solid products are to be collected by titration, washed with acetone to remove the oligomers, and extracted with 1-methyl-2pirrolidone to dissolve the polymeric material. Emeraldine salt will be collected by removing the solvent through evaporation at 100°C under a vacuum.

  • Calculations:
    • 0.5 g aniline is equivalent to (0.5g/ 93.13 g/mol)=0.00537 mol
    • 3 ml of 1M HCl = 0.003 mol

Amount of H2O2:

    • (10.01M)v1=0.00537 mol
    • v1=5.37 mL of H2O2