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Tasks for September 17

  • To complete pH and conductivity readings
  • To prepare samples for electrophoresis

Preparation of Samples for Electrophoresis

1. Prepare electrophoresis samples and refrigerate until next week. <br.> For BSA, Lysozyme, [Au]:[BSA]=30:1 colloid, [Au]:[Lysozyme]=30:1 colloid and soy:

  1. Pipette 50μL of sample (for instance BSA stock or colloid solution) and dilute with 50 mM glycine stock solution to make up to 5 mL
  2. Take 10 μL of diluted solution and pour into 1.5 mL centrifuge
  3. Add 10 μL of running buffer Dr. Fox prepared
  4. Close centrifuge tube, vortex for 10 s and place into fridge
  • Prepare Soy Protein Solution
    • Dissolve 0.00209 g Soy Protein in 2 mL of H2O in volumetric flask.
      • 50 μL of soy protein solution was diluted to 5 mL with 50 mM Glycine stock solution
      • Take 10 μL of diluted solution (soy protein and glycine solution) and 10 μL running buffer and add to 1.5 mL centrifuge tube.
      • Close lid, vortex for 5-10 seconds, and refrigerate.

There are a total of 5 solution that are ready for electrophoresis next week.