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Tasks for September 10

  • To run UV-Vis of Bradford-BSA and Bradford-Lysozyme solutions
  • To determine the purity of the protein solutions

Preparing the solutions for UV-Vis

Refer to Dr. Fox's Lab notebook for full details <br.>

  1. To prepare 50 mL of a standard saline solution (0.9 wt-%):
    • (50mL)×0.9%=0.45 g of NaCl need to be added
  2. To prepare 50 mL of a 50 mM Tris 50 mM NaCl solution:
    • (50×10-3mol/L)×(0.050L)×(121.14g/mol)=0.3030g of Tris buffer
    • (50×10-3mol/L)×(0.050L)×(58.44g/mol)=0.1461g of NaCl
  3. A stock solution of BSA that was roughly 5 mg in 5 mL in saline was prepared. The actual solution concentration:
    • mass of BSA used=0.00505g; MW of BSA=66430 g/mol
    • (0.00505g/(66430 gmol-1))÷0.005L=1.52×10-5M BSA
  4. Ran UV-Vis of the BSA in saline and the saline solution alone between 200 and 800 nm