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Colloid vs Fiber formation and Kinetics of AuNP formation


Colloid vs Fiber formation

  • Transfer 0.5 mL HAuCl4 into 6 culture tubes
  • Add 0.179 g lysozyme into 1 tube to make [Au]:[Lysozyme]=10
  • Add enough water to make total solution = 5 mL
  • Repeat in other 5 test tubes, except make the [Au]:[Lysozyme] = 20, 30, 40, 50, 60
  • Cover with foil and place in 80ºC for 3h

Kinetics of AuNP formation

  • Heat a 150 mL beaker of water (100 mL) to 80ºC on hot plate without stir bar (heat setting 3)
  • Transfer 0.5 mL HAuCl4 into culture tube
  • Add enough Lysozyme to make [Au]:[Lysozyme]=30
  • Add enough water to make 5 mL total solution
  • Cover test tube with foil
  • Repeat for two more test tubes with exact same concentrations
  • Place all 3 test tubes in beaker of water from step 1
  • Every 30 min use 1/2 of one solution in a plastic cuvette and record UV-Vis from 800 nm to 360 nm. Repeat over 3 h until you run out of solutions.

Additional information

HAuCl4 stock solution = 2.512 mM The kinetics of AuNP formation were recorded at 90ºC instead of 80ºC