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Lab Notes 3/14/2012


Another participant that clicked receive feedback before finalize. Why do we have this as two buttons?

Concern - for people who take the task really seriously it could take longer than an hour to complete.

Bug - if you click finalize without having a probability it the trial will be bugged. Why not force a probability or give feedback anyways?

If you get to the end and have 0 trials remaining there is still the option to propose additional triples.(ALD: Fixed)

Bug - the next button does not appear until after 5 minutes or so on the last page of the experiment asking about bonus payment comprehension.

Unexpected Observations

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New Hypotheses

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Current Protocol

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Current Materials

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New Data

Participant 1

Understood the distinction between Actual Rule and possible rules.

Tried to click through instructions without waiting for the audio to finish. Was not paying attention to the audio readings of the instructions.

Was confused by the initial "practice" runs and asked if feedback on practice runs was true or just examples of what the experiment will look like.

Bonus money: Understood that what is important is that the other participant thinks that her answer is correct. Was confused for the other participant because she wasn't sure if they could lose only potential bonus money or some of the original payment.

Tried to enter new trials on the example final sheet.

Participant retested triples when she believed she received false feedback. Only shared trials where she thought that the feedback was true.

Used all 40 trials. Did not finish within the hour allotted.


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