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  • More Lyso 30:1 AuNP's were synthesized in order to test new concentrations of variables. Concentrations 30mM, 60mM and 90mM were chosen because these ratios appear to fill in the gaps for the previous UV-Vis performed this semester in lab.
  • We plan to analyzes three sets of these AuNP at three temperatures again but also run AA and conductivity measurements at each temp. To achieve this three sets of AuNP's, one for each temp were synthesized for analysis at 4, 22, and 36 degrees Celsius.


Preparing Samples for Addition of Variables

  • Pipette 5 mL aliquots into a Falcon tube from the 15 mL samples.

Prep for 30, 60, 90mM variable Solutions

  • The table below depicts the calculations used to prep the diluted variable solutions
  • Each progressive table shows the dilution calculations for 30mM, 60mM, and 90mM solutions respectively.
  • The concentrations of 2,2 bipyridine used are 0.0002316 M, 0.0004544 M, and 0.0006772 M from a stock concentration of 0.0099 M.


  • Using these diluted variable solutions, 2.5 ml of each variable solution was added to their own respective tube of 5ml 30:1 lyso AuNP's. This process was completed two more times in order to create a set for each temperature being investigated.
  • In total their were three sets of 21 tubes of AuNP's, one set for each temperature condition.

We Forgot to make enough AuNP's so we could have a control

As a result we made a single tube of 30:1 Lyso AuNP's

  • The sample was heated at 80°C for 4 hours.