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Controlled Experiment: Charged Amino Acids

First, we prepared 5 mL of a 1.18 mM gold (III) chloride stock solution.


        0.00118M = (n/0.005) 
        0.0000059 x 333.79 g/mol (the molar mass of Ag(III)Cl)

Then we added deionized water to get a total of 5mL volume and stored the solution in a brown glass bottle. Next, we separated out the solution. To do this 5.9 uL of the stock solution was transferred into three different test tubes (one tube for each of the amino acids being tested). Our group tested the charged amino acid group so the amino acids we used for the experiments were lysine, histidine, and arginine. 0.1mg of each of the amino acids was added to each of these test tubes. (Two separate sample groups were created because the first group of test tubes had leftover particles from the packaging inside, so a second set where the test tubes were cleaned ahead of time was created.) Finally, the test tubes were heated at 80 degrees celsius for 4 hours and left overnight.

Figures 1A and 1B:

320px-Preparedsamples.JPG - 320px-IMG 0299.JPG

Figures 1A and 1B are the prepared gold (III) chloride samples with the amino acids. Figure 1A is all 6 of the prepared samples in the rack and Figure 1B is a closer view of the second set of prepared samples (the newer test tubes). In both pictures, the tubes have no color, the samples are just completely clear.