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  • exchange DPNI for adenine in PPF-18 (PPF-18A)
  • powder XRD of PPF-18A
  • filter, collect and powder XRD of attempt to synthesis MOF with DO2A

Bench Work

  • 9am removed DO2A plus zinc reaction from the solution
    • yellowish solution with white suspension
    • white solid material on bottom and sides of vial
    • let cool to room temp on the bench t
  • also removed PPF18 and PPF18A samples from powder XRD
    • sensor, went off due to over heating of the X ray source
  • exchanging DPNI for adenine
    • mixed 0.5 mL of ethanol and 1.5 mL DEF
    • added 0.0070 mg adenine, but it did not all dissolve
    • collected UVVis spectrum of solution
  • Weight of PPF18
    • paper 0.1332 g
    • paper plus PPF18 0.1528 g
    • after putting in 10mL beaker, paper 0.1332 g
    • Some loss of material to static
  • 10:20am added 1mL of adenine solution to PPF18
    • waiting 3 hrs
  • filtered material from DO2A and zinc reaction
  • 1:30 pm filtered PPF18 with adenine
    • filtrate was purple - indicates presence of porphyrin, dissolved from the PPf18
    • washed with DEF


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