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  • make stock solutions of HAuCl4 and BSA.

Bench Work

  • HAuCl4, using a parafilm wrapped spatula

--> 0.2680 m paper
--> 0.2753 g HAuCl4 and paper
rinsed into 15 mL opaque falcontube with 10 mL of water (by micropipet) makes 2.15e-3M HAuCl4

  • BSA, pour onto paper

--> 0.2778 g paper
--> 0.3177 g paper and BSA
--> 0.2774 paper after
dissolved in 25 mL of water in a 50mL falcon tube makes 2.43e-5 M BSA

  • made two ratios of gold to BSA, 100 and 200
    • 100 HAuCl4/BSA: 0.2234 mL of 2.15e-3M HAuCl4, 0.198 mL of 3.03e-5 M BSA, plus 5.579 mL water
    • 200 HAuCl4/BSA: 0.4468 mL of 2.15e-3M HAuCl4, 0.198 mL of 3.03e-5 M BSA, plus 5.355 mL water
  • heated in oven at 85°C for four hours


  • N/A


  • checked - showed color change after 1 hour