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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!

Contact Info

Abdur Rahman Chatni (an artistic interpretation)
  • Abdur Rahman Chatni
Toronto, Canada 


  • Have graduated from Junior High School.
  • Working on with the research on Neural Circuits and Signal Transduction in the Nervous System.


  1. Writing informal papers on the Cellular and Molecular Biology of Brain, and Nerve Cells.
  2. Neuropsychology (Learning, Memory, Dopamine Levels, Conciousness, and etc.)
  3. and the Synaptic Organization of the Nervous System.

I will soon start to regulate information on the Nervous System on my user page. The information will include an introduction to Neuroscience (such as the biology of brain or nerve cells, organization of the nervous system, and signal transduction, along with learning and memory).