Endnote 8 to older version of Endnote files

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James and I just got into an issue of converting library files from Endnote 8 to older Endnote versions. There is no problem to convert files the other way, from older version to version 8. In case other members get into the same problem in the future, here is how we solved the problem: 1. start from endnote 8, make sure all references in the file are shown, and "Refer Export" is included in the output style list. The output style list can be found from File -> Output Styles. If you cann't find "Refer Export" in the list, go to Edit and open output style manager to choose this option. 2. Go to File -> Output Styles, check "Refer Export" 3. Go to File -> Export, save file as .txt

Then open the older version of Endnote 1. create a new library file 2. go to File -> Import 3. choose the .txt file and select "Refer/BibIX" under the "Import Option" 4. import.

You should be able to get the library. Good luck.