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Some questions regarding to the two projects of Team 2

Firstly, I'd like to express my sincere appreciation of the idea of yours and others to link the biological system with the machinery.

I had two questions related to your projects, after I went through your description. Because I am utterly a layman with respect to the field, please excuse me if I ask some silly questions.

The first one is about the serial "circuit" you would like to construct. I wonder by what means you plan to array the three kinds of bacteria so that you can achieve the consecutive excitation as you expected. The second one is about the "neon light" effect. Since it seems to me that what you are expecting is an oscillation, I wonder by what means you plan to initiate the process and whether the dampening effect would be observed from the experiment. (If an analogy to the mechanical oscillator could be drawn, there should be a force to start the system; otherwise, I would be expect the biological system would stay in an equilibrium state.)

I would really appreciate for your reply.