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So for a first draft of this, I just have to put all the students into an excel spreadsheet and then export as a csv file which I can import into OWW in table format using this tool. Dalia will give us all the info. we need and hopefully it will even come in Excel format.

I can sort the excel worksheet by the different columns so I can create OWW tables sorted by different columns. This hack will have to do until I see if this extension lets me sort a table dynamically. Here's another way to do it dynamically.

So the list of editing things remaining to be done in no particular order -

  1. Make a template or something so that each page of the directory (i.e. the tables sorted by different columns) each have consistent formatting etc.
  2. Get the excel worksheet sorted so that I can populate the database for real.
  3. Make the formatting pretty.
  4. Add an explanation about converting usernames to email addresses in a way that isn't ugly
  5. Check what info. I can put up based on the survey responses.
  6. Add a link from the BE Board webpage.
  7. Make sure the dewikified version looks ok.