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* Feb. 2015, Our manuscript entitled "Biodegradable colloidal microgels with tunable thermosensitive volume phase transitions for controllable drug delivery" is accepted for publication in ''Journal of Colloid and Interface Science''.
* July 2013Feb. 2014- Our manuscript entitled "Catecholamine stress alters neutrophil trafficking and impairs wound healing via β2 adrenergic receptor mediated upregulation of IL-6" is now accepted for publication published in the ''Journal of Investigative Dermatology'', 134:809-817, 2014 * Nov. 2013- Our manuscript entitled "Magnetic nanoparticle targeted hyperthermia of cutaneous S.aureus infection" is published in the ''Annals of Biomedical Engineering'', 41:598-609, 2013
* Apr 2013- Dr. Kim is selected as a recipient of Farris Family Innovation Award to engage research on developing nanothermotherapy platform to target bacterial biofilms in diabetic wounds
* Nov 2012- Dr. Kim is selected as a recipient of Kent State Postdoc Seed Program Award for collaborative projects between Kent State and NEOMED


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