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'''With deep regret we inform you that Simon Chan (1974-2012) has passed away on Aug 22nd at an age of 38 '''<br>
''Simon’s Viewing''<br>When: Wed 29th August, 3-6pm<br>Where: Wiscombe Funeral Home<br>116 D Street Davis CA 95616<br>phone #: 530 758 5500<br><br>''Simon’s Memorial Service''<br>When: Thurs 30th August, from 3pm<br>Where: Alpha Gamma Rho Hall, Buehler Alumni Center, UC Davis.<br>Mrak Hall Drive and Old Davis Rd<br>'''* Please wear your most ‘Simon’ shirt and cool sneakers if the mood takes you *'''<br><br>Also, on both events you will be able to leave a personal note in the '''memorial book''' that is currently at the office of the Department of Plant Biology (1002 Life Sciences).<br>
Additional information can be found on the [ BMCDB blog] and the [ Department of Plant Biology website].<br>
<br>'''For any comments, notes, or requests, please contact Ravi at Mohan at or Han at or Daniël at'''<br>
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