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#Gently swirl your LB +amp broth to mix the contents. <br>
#Label the two sterile glass culture tubes with tape in your team color. Label one with "pPD129.36 ''lsy-2''" and your initials. Label the other with your initials only. <br>
#Inoculate the broth with your bacteria by using a sterile disposable loop or sterile toothpick to scrape your candidate into the broth the rest of a colony that was positive for evidence of our plasmid by colony off the platepcr. Be sure not to touch the plate with the loop or toothpick except on the desired colony and don’t pick up any satellite colonies! Gently swirl the loop or toothpick in the LB+amp broth - you should be able to see the colony come off into the loopbroth. (The second tube of broth labeled with just your initials is a control and should not be inoculated with bacteria as it is your control for contamination.) <br>#Balance the 2 tubes across from each other on the rotating wheel in the 37C incubator at the front of the room when you come in the door.DO NOT USE THE ROTATING WHEEL AT ROOM TEMPERATURE!
#Incubate these broth cultures at 37°C overnight. '''Do not forget to make sure the wheel is rotating when you leave!'''<br>


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