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BISC219/F12: RNAi Lab 7

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== Lab 7: Series 3- Investigating Gene Function & Regulation Using RNAi ==
In the age of genome sequencing we now know, or can make educated guesses about, the location of every gene in an organism's genome; however, this does not give us any information about the function of the gene product (protein) in the organism. We can use reverse genetic analysis to help us solve this puzzle. There are several tools in the reverse genetics toolbox: directed mutation (point mutations or deletions), overexpression using transgenes, and gene silencing using knockout organisms or double stranded RNA (RNAi). Only RNAi and overexpression have been perfected in ''C. elegans''. Scientists still have not found a way to do ''in vivo'' homologous recombination in worms. <br><br>

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