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#On 1 of the control plates add 2 L4 wild type (N2) hermaphrodites
#On 1 of the control plates add 2 L4 ''rrf-3'' hermaphrodites
#Wrap Incubate the 3 plates of each strain (N2 or ''rrf-3'') with elastics and incubate the N2 worms in your lab day box in the worm incubator set at 23°C20°C. Incubate the 3 plates of ''rrf-3'' strain worms at room temperature in your lab day project box in the stock area. '''DO NOT incubate the rrf-3 worms at 23C!!!!'''<br>
You will score your phenotypes in the next lab.
== Assignment ==
Remember to check the Assignment section of the wiki for instructions about the graded assignment due in the next lab and check the Weekly Calendar for other work to accomplish before the next lab.


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