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*# After about 5 minutes, pick your favorites and email or txt them to me (txt 505-750-3279)
*# I'll collect them and then we'll argue as a group about what is most important
==Brainstorming results==
* Making ALL raw data available, reproducability,publish how data was obtained including setup and settings on equipment
* 1. Maintain impartiality and utilize logic 2. Experiments need to be reproducible 3. Using transparent and well explained processes 4. Do COOL things
* Objective approach , id variables, verification by peers, enough accurate data, understanding previous work like it
* Evan & Zeke: Doing unbiased research. This allows shortcomings of current models/theories to be discovered and future progress to be made.
* 1. Enough info for easy duplication. 2. Accuracy and integrity of information. 3. Information that others can use, build on, or avoid in other experiments
* Planning, record detailed data, have clear goals, do lots of trials, check your surroundings to make sure there is nothing giving you bad data-rhett eller
* Detailed procedures so it can be reproduced, large data sets, good organization, reducing errors and knowledge of what the errors are, comparing the results to similar studies.
* Planning (2)
* verification by peers (4) (6)
* Do cool stuff (2)
* Reproducibility (detailed procedures) (12) (15)
* Objectivity, unbiased (5) (4)
* Communication within a research group (1)


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