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'''B.''' Plate wild type ''C. elegans'' worms (N2 and ''rrf-3'' strains) on feeder plates made as described (containing bacteria expressing dsRNA of our gene of interest). <BR>
'''C.''' Observe phenotype change in progeny caused by RNAi silencing or knockdown of the gene of interest compared to control worms of same strains that were NOT fed feeder strain bacteria.<BR>
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==Links to Labs& Project Info==
[[BISC219/F11: Worm Info | Worm Info]] <br>
[[BISC219/F11: Gene Linkage | Lab 1: Worm Boot Camp & Sex-Linked or Autosomal Start]]<BR>
[[BISC219/F11: Lab 2 | Lab 2: Sex-Linked or Autosomal Finale]]<br>
[[BISC219/F11: Gene Mapping Info | Background: Classical Forward Genetics and Gene Mapping]]<br>
[[BISC219/F11: Lab 2 Mutant Hunt | Lab 2: Mutant Hunt]]<br>
[[BISC219/F11: Lab 3 | Lab 3: Linkage Test Part 1]]<br>
[[BISC219/F11: Lab 4 | Lab 4: Linkage Test Part 2, Mapping and Complementation]]<br>
[[BISC219/F11: Lab 5 | Lab 5: Finish Complementation; Mapping Continued]]<br>
[[BISC219/F11: Lab 6 | Lab 6: DNA sequence analysis; Mapping Continued]]<BR>
[[BISC219/F11: Lab 7 | Lab 7: Complete Mapping: Score]]<br>
[[BISC219/F11:RNA interference | RNA interference]]<BR>
[[BISC219/F11: RNAi General Information | RNAi General Information]] <br>
[[BISC219/F11: Media Recipes | Media Recipes]]<br>
[[BISC219/F11: RNAi Lab 5 | Lab 5: Picking your gene to RNAi]]<br>
[[BISC219/F11: RNAi Lab 6 | Lab 6: Cloning your gene of interest]]<br>
[[BISC219/F11: RNAi Lab 7 | Lab 7: Picking your transformant]]<br>
[[BISC219/F11: RNAi Lab 8 | Lab 8: Plasmid purification and transformation]]<br>
[[BISC219/F11: RNAi Lab 9 | Lab 9: Induction of bacteria for RNAi]]<br>
[[BISC219/F11: RNAi Lab 10 | Lab 10: Scoring your worms]]<br>
[[BISC219/F11: RNAi Lab 11 | Lab 11: ]]<br><br>


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