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The BioBricks Foundation

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{{The_BioBricks_Foundation_navigation_bar}} {| cellspacing="0"|-|width="487px" class="" style="border: 0px solid #cc3300; color: #000; background-color: #ffffff"|<div style="clear: left; text-align: left; float: left; padding: .4em .9em .9em"h2>'''The Please visit the BioBricks Foundation (BBF)''' is a not-for-profit organization founded by engineers and scientists from MIT, Harvard, and UCSF with significant experience in both non-profit and commercial biotechnology research. BBF encourages the development and responsible use of technologies based on BioBrick&trade; standard DNA parts that encode basic biological functions...<br><br>[[Image:biobricks-trademark.gif|right]]Using BioBrick&trade; standard biological parts, a synthetic biologist or biological engineer can already, to some extent, program living organisms in the same way a computer scientist can program a computer. The DNA sequence information and other characteristics of BioBrick&trade; standard biological parts are made available to the public free of charge currently via MIT's [ Registry of Standard Biological Parts].<br>Any individual or organization is welcome to design, improve, and contribute BioBrick&trade; standard biological parts to the Registry. For example, in the summer of 2007, over 600 students and instructors new website at 60+ universities around the world are making, sharing, and using BioBrick&trade; standard biological parts as part of the [ International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM)] competition.<br><br>The BBF supports an open technical standards setting process that is used to define BioBrick&trade; standard biological parts, and other technical matters relevant to synthetic biology research and applications. Feel free to join or contribute to the work of the [ BBF Technical Standards Working Group] if you are interested.<br><br>The BBF also supports a Legal Working Group that is developing the BioBricks&trade; Legal scheme. Feel free to join or contribute to the [ BBF Legal Working Group] if you are interested. <br><br></div>|width="235px" class="" style="border: 1px dashed #cccccc; color: #000000; background-color: #ffffff"|<div style="clear: left; text-align: left; float: left; padding: .4em .9em .9em">'''News'''<br>*The '''[[The_BioBricks_Foundation:BPA | BioBrick&trade; Public Agreement]]''' Version 1a is now available for public distribution and comment. Your final feedback is requested.*The BBF helps start the [ BIOFAB] International Open Facility Advancing Biotechnology (BIOFAB).*'''[ Ginkgo BioWorks] and [ New England Biolabs] have developed and are selling their first [ BioBrick&trade; Assembly Kit]!*'''The [[The BioBricks Foundation:RFC|BBF RFC process]] has been implemented.''' Request an RFC number from rfc AT*'''Technical Standards Workshop 3''', [[The_BioBricks_Foundation:Workshop3 | November 10, 2008, Cambridge, MA]]*'''Technical Standards, Legal, SB5.0, and Volunteer Mailing Lists are open, [[The_BioBricks_Foundation:MailingLists | sign up today]]!*'''Technical & Legal Standards Workshop 2''', [[The_BioBricks_Foundation:Workshop2 | March 1, 2008, San Francisco, CA]]*'''[ SB4.0, Fourth International Meeting on Synthetic Biology,] 10-12 October 2008, HKUST, Hong Kong*'''Technical & Legal Standards Workshop''', [[The_BioBricks_Foundation:Workshop | November 5-6, 2007, Cambridge, MA]]*'''Funding''': [[The_BioBricks_Foundation:PressRelease | Somekh Family Foundation makes generous donation]]*'''Membership''': [[The_BioBricks_Foundation:Membership | Become a member of the BBF today!]]*'''Volunteer''': [[The_BioBricks_Foundation:Volunteer | Help with the work of the BBF!]]*'''Donate''': [[The_BioBricks_Foundation:Donations | Support the work of the BBF!]]*'''Notes''': [[The_BioBricks_Foundation:Standards | Wiki notes about the BBF Standards discussions]]</div>|-|}</divh2>

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