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→‎USING ANIMALS: Added some info on actual US regulations and who it applies to.
This post highlights many misconceptions about animal research in the US, and presents a discouraging picture. In reality, AAALAC accreditation is NOT required for animal research in the US, nor is it required for NIH grants. Additionally, you cannot obtain AAALAC accreditation unless you already have an animal research facility in operation with your animal research area "mostly filled". You must also have an IACUC. For these reasons it is impractical for individuals or small organizations to obtain AAALAC accreditation.
In reality, the basics of animal regulations in the US are as follows: Animal research is governed by the USDA Animal Welfare Act. If you're government funded OR transporting animals across state lines AND you're working with something OTHER than birds, rats, or mice you need approval from your IACUC committee and must follow USDA guidelines as authorized by the "USDA Animal Welfare Act".
If you're working with birds, rats, or mice the USDA guidelines do not apply to you, even if you are transporting them across state lines and are government funded.
However, your institution may set their own guidelines and it is always ethically required that you treat research animals with the highest standard of care available within your research protocol.

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