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→‎USING ANIMALS: Corrected to explain falshoods in previous post.
So who makes the call? From day to day, it's the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). They oversee lab animal management departments, they approve protocols, and will yank facilities rights from researchers that don't adhere. IACUC is in turn watched over by AAALAC, a private nonprofit. AAALAC inspects every few years and comes up with any changes that need to be made. If they are not addressed, you can lose accreditation. If you lose accreditation, you pretty much aren't going to do any animal research any more. NIH won't fund you, and vendors won't sell to you.""
:: -- sgt york, DIYbio google group
This post highlights many misconceptions about animal research in the US, and presents a discouraging picture. In reality, AAALAC accreditation is NOT required for animal research in the US, nor is it required for NIH grants. Additionally, you cannot obtain AAALAC accreditation unless you already have an animal research facility in operation with your animal research area "mostly filled". You must also have an IACUC. For these reasons it is impractical for individuals or small organizations to obtain AAALAC accreditation.

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