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Péclet number (Pe) - Nishanth Saldanha

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Derivation [3]
<math>\frac{dC}{dt} = \frac{\partial J}{\partial x}\rightarrow \frac{\partial C}{\partial t} =\triangledown nabla J </math>
This equation is also described in three dimensions.
<math> \frac{\partial x}{\partial t} = u </math>
<math>\frac{\partial C}{\partial t} = D\frac{\partial^{2} C}{\partial x^{2}} - u \frac{\partial C}{\partial x}\rightarrow \frac{\partial C}{\partial t} + u \frac{\partial C}{\partial x}= D\frac{\partial^{2} C}{\partial x^{2}} \rightarrow \frac{\partial C}{\partial t} + u \triangledown nabla C= D \triangledownnabla^{2} C </math>
Dimensionless numbers, as shown below can be used to restate the mass balance. <math>U </math> equals the convective linear flow rate.

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